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Membership in ASCLS/ASCLS-South Dakota ....

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ASCLS defines our professional practice, represents our profession in legislative and regulatory affairs, represents our professional interest in various collaborative efforts and provides a variety of continuing education opportunities.  

Here are the top benefits of ASCLS membership and the reasons why every clinical laboratory science professional should become a member of ASCLS:

#9 - Networking opportunities with other members of our profession through local, state, regional and national organizations

No other association for clinical laboratory scientists can match ASCLS's active local, state and regional societies - organizations offering a ready-made network for getting to know your fellow professionals and for getting your voice heard on issues affecting your work life. They also provide opportunities to develop leadership skills and workshops and seminars to strengthen your technical expertise.

#8 - Opportunities for professional development, affordable continuing education offerings & career enhancement at local, state, regional and national meetings

Keep current in your professional work by attending the ASCLS National Meeting as well as ASCLS-SD Meetings.  ASCLS-SD offers one 3-day meeting and one 1-day meeting each year. ASCLS also offers audio tapes, computer software, manuals and books on numerous professional topics. All ASCLS continuing education participants are eligible to earn P.A.C.E. Credits toward recertification.   All continuing education offerings are discounted to current ASCLS members.

# 7 - Support for research and higher education

If you envision launching an innovative clinical laboratory science research project or if you're working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree, ASCLS may be able to help. Through ASCLS’s Education & Research Fund, we provide developmental grants for research aimed at enhancing the profession. And for aspiring clinical laboratory scientists, ASCLS provides a number of undergraduate scholarships.  At the local level, ASCLS-SD also has a defined scholarship and loan program available to it’s members.


# 6 - Current information on legislative, regulatory, and professional issues through various publications and electronic information sharing

“Professional I” members receive Clinical Laboratory Science, an award winning, bimonthly journal featuring articles on research activities, technology, education and government actions affecting Clinical Laboratory Science. P.A.C.E. credits can be earned by completing the FOCUS self-assessment section found in each issue.


All members receive ASCLS Today, published 12 times a year, provides a timely update on association activities in legislative, educational and other arenas.


ASCLS members in South Dakota also receive our state society newsletter four times a year.  This newsletter not only offers up-to-date information on national and regional issues, but also contains management and technical continuing education articles.

Other excellent resources available to ASCLS/ASCLS-SD members include our national ASCLS web site with a Members Only Section and our very own ASCLS-SD web site.  Both web sites include real-time information sharing relating to national, regional and local issues and member offerings.  Web addresses are:   ~and~      


ASCLS Scientific Assemblies have many “listservs” available to members that allow real-time information sharing to current issues and problem resolution. 


# 5 - Advocacy in legislative and regulatory issues affecting the practice of clinical laboratory science


New laws and regulations bring change to your profession. ASCLS's dedicated government affairs team, coupled with extensive grassroots involvement, makes sure the concerns of your profession are heard in Congress.


Learn about current issues, acquire lobbying skills, and meet with members of Congress to discuss the profession's concerns at the ASCLS Legislative Symposium held every spring in Washington D.C.

# 4 - Promotion of high professional standards


ASCLS is dedicated to maintaining high educational standards required of those who perform clinical laboratory tests.  ASCLS has developed and maintains a required body of knowledge and code of professional ethics for our profession. ASCLS also works collaboratively with our members and its constituent societies to promote state licensure bills that spell out the minimum qualifications needed to perform clinical laboratory tests.


# 3 - Multiple opportunities to participate in the regulatory, legislative, educational and professional issues related to the practice of clinical laboratory science


ASCLS and ASCLS-SD  provides a wealth of opportunities for active participation. Whether you want to make your voice heard on important issues or further scientific standards and technical policies, ASCLS opens the door to you.   Sign up for an ASCLS or ASCLS-SD Committee, project or choose one of ASCLS's 12 Scientific Assemblies to become involved in. We invite you to find an activity that suits your professional or personal interest, the more grassroot members involved brings strength to our profession’s future.

# 2 – Additional cost-saving membership benefits


Discounted rates on meeting registration fees and publications.

Make travel plans through the ASCLS travel agency and save on dues for the next year.

Save on credit card, car rental, hotel rooms, drug prescriptions and eye glasses.

Participate in the ASCLS Insurance program for discounts on health, life disability, liability, and auto insurance.


And the # 1 Benefit - ASCLS speaks with a SINGLE, STRONG, UNITED VOICE for all clinical laboratory science practitioners!

The field of clinical laboratory science embraces a wide range of disciplines - hematologists, clinical chemists, phlebotomists and microbiologists, to name a few.  All clinical laboratory science professionals share a similar role: providing vital, high quality clinical  information for diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disease. All face common concerns. And all desire recognition as valued members of the health care team. Representing nearly 20,000 members from a range of clinical specialties, ASCLS speaks for all with a single, strong, unified voice.